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Future Forward Churches is a not-for-profit organization that helps leaders to navigate church revitalization and pastoral succession


Lee Kricher 

Lee Kricher is the founder of Future Forward Churches and is a guest speaker and leadership coach who is passionate about succession planning and church revitalization. He is the author of For a New Generation: A Practical Guide for Revitalizing Your Church.

Lee was the Senior Pastor of Amplify Church for fifteen years before handing off that role in 2019 as a part of a planned pastoral transition. During his time as Senior Pastor, Amplify Church was transformed from an aging, dying church with a weekend attendance of 150 into a healthy, multi-generational church with a weekend attendance of 2,000 people. His priority was to identify and mentor young leaders, one of whom became his successor.

Lee has extensive experience in succession planning and change leadership. prior to overseeing church revitalization and pastoral succession at Amplify Church, he served as Vice President of Leadership Development for Development Dimensions International (DDI), one of the premier leadership development firms in the world.

Lee has a Master's Degree from Fuller Theological Seminary and an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh. He is currently earning a Doctor of ministry degree at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.

You can contact Lee at lee@futureforwardchurches.com

You won’t be dishonoring your church’s past if you consider changing the way you do things in the future.
— For a New Generation, Introduction